How Setting Goals Will Change The Outcome Of 2014

by Shalonda Gordon in Goal Setting

setting goals

Setting Goals for 2014!

It’s a new year.. well 6 days in and it’s time to make sure you’re setting goals and following them during 2014! Most of the time people decide not to set goals.. simply because they didn’t accomplish those goals in the past.. Hey.. I’ve been there.  Yet it doesn’t change that fact that setting goals and setting your intention causes success.


Many ways to start setting goals.. yet this way worked for me!

There are many ways to setting goals.. some say just write down where you see your self in 5 years.  Others say 6 months… which ever it is.. it needs to allow you to set intentions that lead to those goals.

3 years ago I attended an event that changed my life..

It changed my life because it showed me how to set goals. Now I had set many goals prior to this event.. yet they never stuck.

Well.. this time it did.

A few things have changed as far as specifics of the goals I set 3 years ago.. yet many of those goals are right on track to success.

setting goals

The Steps To Successfully Setting Goals

Step One: Take 6 sheets of paper.

  • Page 1: 20 years
  • Page 2: 10 years
  • Page 3: 5 years
  • Page 4: 1 year
  • Page 5: 6 months
  • Page 6: 3 months

Step Two: Divide each sheet into 5 sections.

  • First Section: Be
  • Second Section: Have Accomplished
  • Third Section: Have a net worth of
  • Fourth Section: Own
  • Fifth Section: Contribution

Step Three: Complete each page.

  • First Section:  write out your age.. at that time, where you live.. what will your life look like.. for example if you are not married now.. maybe you will be then.. if you desire 3 kids and a dog.. place that there. Whatever your goals are concerning your BEING.
  • Second Section: What have you accomplished at this time.. if it is 20 years.. fill this section out like you are looking through a window that shows you the future 20 years out.. write down what you see.
  • Third Section: What is your net worth at this time.
  • Fourth Section: What do you own.. if you desire to own a 5 bedroom house in 20 years.. write that down.. if you want a Maserati GranTurismo.. then write that down.
  • Fifth Section: where are you making a contribution.. see there is a cycle to increase.. the more you give the more you received.. so if you want increase you must prepare to give.  Where are you making a contribution at that time.

Start Checking Off Your Goals

setting goals

Now that you know your goals.. set your intentions.  Your intentions will lead to the success of your goals.  Meditate on these intentions and watch them become a reality.

Goal setting goes hand in hand with success. If you are tired of setting goals.. you are probably closer to reaching your goals then not.  Do not focus on what it looks like.. focus on the goal.. focus on the intention..

While setting our goals and intentions, we all need a vehicle that will lead us toward our goals.  Most of our jobs are not the vehicle that will lead us to success of our goals. If the job could get us there, way more people would be living their dreams vs. living pay check to pay check.  Not only should a person seek for the vehicle to get them toward their goals.. yet that vehicle should allow you to be yourself.. allow you to enjoy what you are doing every second of every day.

One vehicle is taking regular people like you and I into great increase.  How? Well it is literally allowing regular people to follow a few simple steps that lead directly to freedom.

See setting goals allows you to take the correct vehicle (Find Vehicle by Clicking Here) and drive it right into success! What are you waiting for? I know I know, you are right, success is not for everyone.. if it was.. everyone would experience it.  Yet are you really everyone?? Or are you the one that deserves success? You are setting goals, that should answer the question for you.

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Setting goals will lead to amazing success in 2014

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Shalonda Gordon

Anytime Jenny, thanks for taking the time.. to stop by.. I appreciate the birthday present.. make it a great day on purpose.. and keep smiling

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome Ken!! Get it done.. LOL.. Thank you for the birthday present.. I appreciate you.. keep smiling

Jenny HealthyWealthyWife

Happy Birthday Shalonda! Smiling here for ya. Thanks for the simple tips for goal setting. I like the breakdown and the vision for now and even 20 years out. Cheers!


Thanks for the homework… I know it will be beneficial!

Shalonda Gordon

Ok.. so I’m just going to be real.. I saw your post Emmanuel.. and I’m like.. OMG.. a celebrity commented on my blog.. Thanks so much for stopping by.. you are already on my list of top 10 bloggers to follow in 2014.. (post coming soon)! It never hurt to connect with Billionaires.. From one Billionaire to Another.. make it a great day and thanks for stopping by.. keep smiling


I am obviously going to do that. Any wind can blow you anywhere if one is goalless.

I don’t want to be a millionaire at 30 but instead a billionaire at 31. Hahaha!
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