Single Moms Make Money And…….

by Shalonda Gordon in Motivation

Single Moms Make Money and it has nothing to do with Child Support!

As you already know.. I’m a Single Mom.  Over the years I have transformed my view on being a Single Parent.  I used to struggle with being a Single Mom, every day.  I struggled with the decisions I made that brought me to this point in my life.  In case you do not know, I’m a Single Mom of two amazing daughters with two different fathers.  A situation of which I take full responsibility.  Taking responsibility is the first step to teaching my girls how to become true success stories.

See, Single Moms Make Money, and I know it… because I am one of them!

See I came on-line in 2009 building a strong presence with Attraction Marketing! Decided that I was going to take control of my financial situation and basically stop waiting on the government to do something about the child support I was not receiving.  Yet, I didn’t consider the fact that people want to see the REAL YOU! I also didn’t consider the fact that I would attract people just like me.  And at that time I was desperate and bitter… smiling.. Yeah I can admit it.. lol.

Single Moms Make Money

I met my mentor in December 15, 2009.. you may know her as Tracey Walker! I know her as… Tracey Andsingle moms make money she basically sat me in front of a mirror and asked me to really see the “truth about myself.. smile.. At that moment things began to turn around.  I stopped being desperate and filled that space inside of me with faith!  I started to really forgiving and let go of all the bitterness.  I basically changed things so that when I looked in the mirror, my truth became something worth attracting.  At that exact moment the business I needed showed up.. as if  God was simply sitting waiting on me… smile.

At that moment I became one that knew for a fact that Single Moms Make Money!

single moms make moneyAfter helping Project Single Moms Worldwide, Inc.  I realized that there are many Single Moms out there that are looking for a way to make some extra income. I also found that there is a disconnect between the Single Moms that make money and the ones that do not.  I’m hoping this post will begin to create a connection.  The main difference between the two groups, Single Moms Make money and Single Moms that don’t make money is really just a decision.  As I mentioned earlier the first step to true success is taking responsibility for our decisions. Make a decision to become apart of the group where Single Moms Make Money!

Now that you realize that Single Moms Make Money.. what is the next step? To Make a decision that you want to become part of the group where Single Moms Make Money.

Yes It’s All About A Decision!

Single Moms Make Money!

The next step is to Click Here! And Get INSIDE! It’s a fact that Single Moms Make Money, simply ask me how I know

Keep Smiling,

single moms make money

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