Stuck On The Road In Georgia Snow 2014

by Shalonda Gordon in News/Entertainment

Wow glad I wasn’t stuck on the road in Georgia snow .. is really all I can say…

Seems like last night was a long night for a few people…As Georgia felt the raft of Winter Storm Leon.

See on Monday the news explained clearly that we would get some know on Tuesday.

They told us what time it was expected to arrive..

They told us where it would chill out for the longest amount of time..

They told us that Leon wasn’t real friendly.

Yet.. still when Tuesday came around.. and Leon stepped foot into GA.. things began to slowly fall apart.

stuck on the road in Georgia snow

Stuck On The Road In Georgia Snow


As the situation began to unravel it was pretty clear that it would be a long night for some.  As I’m writing this post, some still are not home with their cars.  Yes.. you read it right.. they may be home.. yet their cars may not have made it with them.

Stuck On The Road In Georgia Snow Caused For An Explanation

As Leon came through Georgia.. mainly metro Atlanta, many began to compare the situation to the 2011 storm.. as many were very frustrated.

From being stranded on the roads for over 20+ hours,

to kids being stuck in school until LATE night hours.. waiting to get home,

with the main question really being why wasn’t everything shut down prior to the storm arriving in Atl..

I mean we knew we had company on the way.. (IE. Leon).

You already know they say the South simply is not ready for snow.  Check out how the interstate looked.. little did some of these drivers know that they would be stuck on the road in Georgia snow.

stuck on the road in georgia snowHow to survive when you are stuck on the road in Georgia snow

As you ask those of us safe at home what our view how things were handled this time around.  I’m sure you will receive many different opinions of how to avoid a situation where people are stuck on the road in Georgia snow.  Yesterday once my 6 year old made it home from school (right on schedule) I considered getting in the care to pick my 13 year old up from Middle School… Yet I waited patiently, watching the snow fall outside.  She arrived safe and sound (right on schedule).

Some of you will say.. Shalonda.. you don’t know anything about being stuck on the road in Georgia Snow.. and I would have to agree with you.  See I work from home.  Even though I did go out yesterday morning to take care of some errands and to see my Godson.  I then headed home as the snow started to dust across the ground.  Yet I’ve driven in snow many times before.. I went to college in Indiana.. smile.

I called my father who works downtown Atlanta and informed me that morning, he was heading home at 11:45am.  He made it home by 12:40pm. He survived by decided that he was leaving early prior to it getting really bad.  Yet I don’t believe anyone thought it would turn into such a dangerous situation being stuck on the road in Georgia snow.

Below you can see what Mayor Kasim Reed had to say..

Now it’s time for the aftermath.. all the days off from work!

How does this effect your family.. I mean the kids are out of school, and someone has to watch them.

Just found out a few hours ago that the kids are out again tomorrow.  Ok.. Ok..the kids are enjoying it.. and honesty I’m Ok with it as I make my living from home.

See a few weeks ago, the kids were out of school because it was too cold.. Between you and I.. (remember I’ve lived in the mid-west) it wasn’t all that cold. Yet Ok.. I now live in GA…smile

I consider what I would do, as a single mom, if I had to go to a job.. yet my girls had to stay home.. what would I do.

As a parent, do you find yourself concerned about your job security when the schools are closing.. yet work is not?

Not just parents yet how about the jobs where you are on hourly wage, which are many people these days.  What happens when your budget is based on working a certain amount of days, yet the weather causes the job to close with a result of you not getting paid.

I don’t know if you know this or not.. yet you actually can control your income.  I didn’t know this until, I ran into my mentor who showed me a different way.

I learned three things.. you can check them out by Clicking Here!

At the end of this day.. Atlanta is healing.  People are getting situated.. and Tomorrow is a new day.

Stay safe.. enjoy the time off.. start a business.. grab your freedom papers… and stay warm!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. Place your name and email below and learn the one technique that literally changed my life.. trust me.. it’s not what you think!(wink)

Try not to get stuck on the road in Georgia snow.

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Shalonda Gordon

Yes…Michael, that is what many are saying.. is that they should have been given better warning. Yet I live here and I will say I received the same information as everyone else and I knew to get home by noon.. Now it seems many are safe now.. and many lessons have been learned as to avoid this type of situation in the future.. thanks for coming through and keep smiling


hope most people are safe n people should be warned better
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Shalonda Gordon

That’s right Felicia.. I remember.. it’s amazing how much of our lives we give away and we when we need some favor those same people/corporations that took your time.. have no sympathy. Yet thank God we found a better way.. Thanks for coming through… and the girls and I are going to relax tomorrow.. maybe play a little UNO Roboto.. lol.. keep smiling

Felicia Starks

Oh wow, I know exactly what you are talking about because we experienced a similar situation in December. I work full time and although they were out on Thursday and Friday, I had to use a vacation day for the Monday and was like,.dang, you all can’t give me a pass on using a vacation day? A man! They wasn’t trying to hear what I was suggesting…LOL…another reason it’s time to chunk the dueces.

Praying everyone makes it home safely. Have fun with your kiddos tomorrow!
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