[Video] Time To Organize Which Vision Will Set You Free Part 3

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set

Now it’s time to get into the Mind Tools. So that you can pull the complete vision out of your mind.

See there are many people out there simply sitting on amazing ideas.. Yet not YOU.. not after this sectionon how to organize which ever vision will set you free.

vision will set you free


The stop watch is here to remind you that it is YOUR TIME to break free with which ever vision will set you free.

See time is constantly ticking ticking ticking away.. what are you doing?  You were created with a special gift.  What are you doing with this gift? Do you even know what your gift is? (Well as you have completed Part 1 Click Here and Part 2 Click Here I know you have a better idea as to what your gift is and how it fits into how a vision will set you free.

Vision Will Set You Free


Now answer one question before you go any further…

How many times have you started something and not finished it?

If you are anything like most people.. the answer is many times..

See I found that when ever I started something and didn’t finish it, there was one common factor!! Lack of planning.  I mean think about it..

How many times have started a well planned project and not completed it? Not very many.. yet when we look at our dreams and visions we treat them as if they do not require preparation.  That way of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Reality is that your dreams and visions require even more preparation.. why? Because they are coming directly from you.

Your mind has to organize the entire creation.. which is why YOUR vision will set you free.

vision will set you free

So now that you have decided which  vision will set you free, it is now time to map it out.

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Now Watch the video below for your Part 3 Training on How to organize the which vision will set you free

Vision Will Set You Free

Here is some extra credit for you.. (remember in school, some extra credit would make or break your grade)

Extra Credit For YOU!

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Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Vision will set you free!!


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