Backdoor Access Is That… Good Good!

So first let’s make sure you understand what you have just done!!

I know I know.. you are like.. check it out.. I’m already in Empower Network,  I’ve seen your story and I want to work with you..

You made the payment of $47.00 and you are here.

Before we can get started.. I must know what you done.. what you know.. where are you coming from.. I mean all and all.. where is the area you actually deserve help?

So I’ve put together a survey for you to complete in order for me to get all that information so that we can spend our time getting you on the Good Good track.

take survey

Now what will you get each month for $47.00!

1. One 45 min Google Hangout, where we will discuss a marketing plan/review what you have completed and the success you are having.

2. Unlimited Email Access, Yet after 2 hours of responses, I will stop responding until the next month. (The time starts when I start reading your emails.. don’t get funny.. you know what it means when you are emailing way to much and not THINKING for yourself.)

3. The TRUTH!! I’m not here to build your business for you.. I’m here to guide you so that you can learn what you deserve in order to bring success to you.  I will tell you the truth.. if you can not take it.. you can unsubscribe through your paypal account at any time! I’m not here to rub your ego.. if you took this amazing action.. your ego is the last thing we should focus on.  Success is our goal.  Growth is our goal.

Backdoor Process

1. You complete the survey

2. I email you to schedule our Google Hangout

3. We meet Via Google Hangout

4. We create your 30 day marketing plan

5. We schedule the next month Google Hangout

You Get To Work!! and Keep smiling

See you soon,

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon