Wanted: What Are Backlinks? {The Truth!}

by Shalonda Gordon in On-Line Marketing

What Are Backlinks?… hmmmm

I remember hearing ‘backlinks’ all the time.. and thinking “What are backlinks”? How do they really help me in this internet marketing game? So of course I did what many do.. I Googled it.. lol.. Seriously.. I did.. then I started studying and found the answer and now I’m sharing it with  you.

what are backlinks

What Are Backlinks? Stay Calm..


See many of us attempt to put content out on internet  hoping, praying, wishing for our content to reach the first page of Google, or Bing.. or some search engine.  We have our SEO (search engine optimization) correct, we ping the content.. and… NOTHING! Seems like others keep telling you to do what you are already doing.

You keep searching for that “secret” sauce that will organically push your content up to that #1 spot.

Have you experienced this crazy game… where you know there is something that you are leaving out of your process?

Well in comes the question.. “What Are Backlinks?”

See as you look at your goal..you want a few things to take place with every piece of content you put out there.

  1. Organically get to first page of search engines
  2. Have your content read
  3. Make the sale, or get the email

Well if you don’t have backlinks, then you are leaving out a very large part of the process.

what are backlinks

What Are Backlinks? The Answer

Now that you have an answer to the question “What Are Backlinks” you can begin to create backlinks to that content that is not rising in the search engines the way you want.  It works on blogs, websites, videos.. whatever you want to rank.

As you see there are many ways to get backlinks.  Now that you have a better understanding of what they actually are.

Now you are ready to stream line this process and have the ability to create powerful backlinks all on your own, as I do every day.

The Takeaway and Assignment

You can pay for backlinks, you can spend lots of time creating them manually, or you can simply take control of the situation. Either way you do it.. you must do it to beat out your competition. As you are reading this you vision yourself taking control of the issue, just like you have every other thing in your life.  You see yourself creating powerful backlinks and your content shining on the first page of google.

Assignment to take control

1. Click Here and see the system I use in order to create a powerful backlink

2. Comment on this blog with your backlink findings

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Keep Smiling,


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What are backlinks?

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