What if a Viral Blogging System Paid Off Your Mortgage..

by Shalonda Gordon in Empower Network

Wait, a viral blogging system can pay the mortgage!

I know your first thought after reading this title is what is a viral blogging system and how can it pay the mortgage.  A viral blogging system is a group of blogs that together create an authority site.  An authority site is chosen by the search engines as a site that brings value and organically rises to the top of the search engines.  Many authority sites end in .gov or .edu.. Wikipedia is also considered an authority site.  If you get a link back to your blog from an authority site, it lets the search engines know that your site brings value to that subject matter.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, network marketer, internet marketer,or somebody who wants to become a blogger, affiliate marketer, network marketer or internet marketer then

You need a Viral Blogging System.

Now back to the title. How can a viral blogging system pay off my mortgage? Basically, if you are reading this article, then you are looking to generate an income on the internet, or you need to generate leads for your business.  Well, as we research how to market on the internet, it always comes back to blogging.  Yet the truth is that in order to create a blog from scratch takes time or money or both.  At least it used to, before the viral blogging system.  After creating the blog you have to create a system to capture your leads, yet another expense. At least it was before the viral blogging system.  The first way having a viral blogging system helps you pay off your mortgage is by keeping more marketing expenses in your pocket.  The second way is by giving you 100% commissions.  Yes, I said it, 100%.  You get every cent from those that decide they want to build their presence on-line without having to get a second mortgage on the house. So let’s see how this works out. You get 100% commission of everyone you refer.    So basically you get one and it pays for itself, plus you get more juice to your sites, allowing you to generate more income from your current monetized internet ventures.

Now back to the question at hand, if a

viral blogging system paid off your mortgage, what would you do?

viral blogging systemYou would get involved.  Why would you get involved?  You would get involved because you want to pay off your mortgage and after paying off your mortgage, the sky is the limit.  Now in the past when you have heard this type of information, it seemed to good to be true. Yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking, because I thought the same thing.  So let me share some facts with you about the viral blogging system.   Empower Network Viral Blogging System paid out over $250,000 in affiliate commissions in its first 72 hours in business. While the cost to you is only $25, you can literally make up to $875 per person if you take advantage of all the other trainings available in the system.

You are still wondering how to pay off your mortgage. Well, that is really up to you.  If you take massive action and begin blogging with the viral blogging system daily and sharing your blog post with others, then you will be on the road to being in a position to pay off your mortgage.  I mean, I don’t know..  you will actually have to place the extra income toward your mortgage and that my friend is entirely up to you. I do know that a viral blogging system will take your internet presence to a new level.

viral blogging system

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