What is Your Goliath?

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set

Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop through and discuss“Your Goliath“.

What is your “Goliath” you may ask..

Well, as I told you earlier I’m working on my goals list so that I can focus all my energy on my “Final Quarter”.. or the Final 60 days of the year. I came across a few areas in my life where I have not had a breakthrough.. I consider these areas my “Goliath“.

So take a moment and begin to write out the areas where you feel that you are not getting a breakthrough in your life and/or business. In business you may consider your Goliath to be your ability to recruit or your ability to retail, getting investment seed, having the time for your business.. go ahead write them all down. See the first way to break through or Take out your Goliath is to write it down.. know what you are aiming at… If you know the story of David and goliath then you know that David had to take a few steps prior to killing goliath. First he had to pick his five stones, then he had to pick up his sling. Then he had to have faith and became fearless to even stand up to Goliath.

You can do the same thing..

Determine your goliath.

Choose the weapon to conquer goliath. Build up your faith and become fearless and begin to attack your goliath. Honestly I’m attacking three goliaths right now..smile. Remember that everything you need to succeed is within you.. sometimes we need to streamline our focus so that we can achieve the breakthrough. What better time then now to begin the process.

Keep Smiling while you conquer your Goliath,

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