When Is The Time To Take Control of Your Future??

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set

Take Control Of Your Future!!

  control of future

Today I have spent a lot of time working on many different things.

As a single mom.. I have two beautiful daughters that depend on me to keep a roof over their heads, food in their mouths and clothes on their bodies..

Now this can be kind of stressful for myself.. and I am sure there are lots of parents..single or not… that can relate to this situation.

At this point I am a business owner, and have been for about 12 months… I have one primary stream of income, my business.

Yet, I also have other smaller streams of income that are in line with my business.  I had to take control of my future, just like I’m now talking to you about how to take control of your future.

Let me tell you a story… and let’s see if you can relate.

You know, I’m going to be totally honest with you.  I never planned on being a single mom.

Yet the decisions I made led me here, and honestly I really enjoy most of my life.

I mean I’m human.. not every second is perfect… yet ever second is worth it.

I remember when I looked at my girls and thought to myself…

If I’m going to struggle by working for somebody else.. why not struggle working or myself.

The only real way to take control of your future is to understand risk.

I know.. I know.. you are thinking.. that is such a RISK!! And you are correct.. it was a risk.. yet I was already taking a risk..


Well see I had no control.. my boss could fire me at anytime.. then I would be stuck with nothing.

I could not decide to work harder this week to increase my income.. It was set..by other people.

At least if I’m working for myself I can control my employment!

So I slowly walked to the cliff.. Yes it felt like a cliff.. I mean I’m a single mom getting ready to jump right into my own business…

Well, not exactly… see I was building my business while I worked my job for about 6 months prior to going full time.

I made about $20K prior to jumping off the cliff.  (See there is a story behind the story).

I mean I’m a single mom of two girls.. and I love them dearly…smile. You can take control of your future, just like I did.  Yet it will take a plan… a goal.. a dream.

Control Of Your Future Leads To Freedom

control of your futureSometimes, I think about my family and friends who are freaking out right now about their financial situation and how they are going to make ends meet.

The fear in their eyes. The unknowing of how to resolve the situation.

I send them a link to the exact system I used to take control of my future..

and they look at me like, “What ever Shalonda”, and keep it moving.

I simply smile and continue to collect me checks.

They tell me, “I remember when you were asking me for money, and now you want to throw a so called “exact system”  in my face”.

I remind them of how this “exact system” made it possible for me to pay them that money back..smile.

This exact system allowed me to show others how to take control of their future, just like you can control your future.

Then I remind them that they have to START some where!

Yeah, I have been through some hard times.. yet I can tell you I have placed my trust in God, and the fact that I WORK, I don’t sit around complaining, I keep my thoughts on my goals, and I choose to smile every second of every day in order to keep pressing forward have led me to a success I never experienced with a job that barely covered my bills.

control your future


Control of your future requires that you are careful with your thought life

So I say all of this to ask you..

Are you ready to take control of your future?

Yes it takes time to build something of your own.. and you have to START somewhere..

I am here to help you through..

I will not build it for you..

Yet I know the exact blueprint that can assist you in changing your income stream to one that you can depend on.. even when society claims you can not… keep smiling..

Here is your assignment to START!!

  1. Make the decision that you WILL take control of your future!

  2. Click Here And Place Your Email in the Form!

  3. Watch The Video And Make The Investment In Yourself!

  4. Expect A Call From My Assistant, So we can put your first 30 day plan together.

I know what works.. as I’m living it.  If you are looking for someone to convince you that your dreams matter.. then please do not even  follow the assignment.  The assignment above is for serious individuals that already know that your dreams are REAL! You already know you control your future!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. I was given the chance to motivate a room of 1500+ people.. Click The Button below to see the 1 technique that allows me to keep control of my future.

control your future

Its time to take control of your future today!

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Shalonda Gordon

See Lori.. you know exactly what I’m talking about.. so glad we are taking this journey together.. keep smiling

Lori Robertson

Shalonda, I love love love this blog post. I can truly relate with this as I too am a single mom and our stories are similar. It truly is important to take control of your future because at the end of the day you are the only person who know what is best for you and your family.
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@twibi Please do.. I have a twitter shalondagordon


@Staale Storheil You have inspired me.. let’s refuse to give up together.. and keep smiling


I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Staale Storheil

Hello Shalonda. Nice blog you have build here. I also feel that people around me are thinking that i am crazy doing internet marketing. But there is one who belive in me. God, my father in heaven. I refuse to give up. When i am reading at your blog i get inspired, so thank you.

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