Who Says We Are In An Economic Recession?

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set

So be honest, did you drink the Economic Recession Kool-Aid?

Do you realize if one tells a person that they are “broke” enough times.. that they will start to believe it? Well, the same thing is true with this “economic recession” issue. Ok.. let’s throw out some facts, the definition of recession in Webster Dictionary is a period of reduced economic activity. Seriously, if your life looks anything mines prior to this “economic recession“.. then I’m way better NOW, during this “economic recession“. Honestly, I’m no longer in a personal economic recession.

Are you in an economic recession?

economic recession

Are you going through a period of reduced economic activity?

As you all know, I’m a single mother of two amazing daughters. There was a time, about 12 months ago, when I had to have the FAITH to know that my economic recession would end. Many will say give me the magic formula to financial freedom. I could totally give it to you. Because I’ve used it and it works. Yet it only works if you have the faith to back it up.

Do you have the Faith to press through your economic recession?

Now I started this post stating that if a person tells somebody they are broke long enough they will believe it. Same thing if somebody tells you that your business will not work. Or if they say, this is the worst time to build your own business. Or better yet.. I know you guys know this one.. “No one will purchase your products.. this is an economic recession“.

My friends.. do not believe the Nay sayers. They are probably “broke”.. or better yet in an“economic recession”.

I tell you these words, “Everyone deserves your products”. “It is a buyers market”. “You are on the road to success”. “You are wealthy!” “Your business is recession PROOF!”. So whose words will you choose to believe? If you are surrounded by people who continually tell you what will not happen.. eventually you will start to believe it.. You must surround yourself with motivating individuals. People that want and have the things you are striving to gain.

Keep Smiling,

There will come a time in your life when you are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. If that day is today, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW!! I would love to add you to my circle. In my circle there is not room for “broke”!! Only “wealth”! We are using Attraction Marketing, Network Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing as our avenues to success and there is always room for you as you begin to use your Faith to break free from your economic recession.

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Thanks so much John.. keep smiling.


Man that was perfect love it.

Cherie King

LOVE this post!! This is powerful Shalonda…and I know why! 😉

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