You Can Overcome The Fear of Success!!

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set

As my team grows and I begin to see REAL success in the world of Working From Home..

I have began to ask myself… Why didn’t I obtain success in the very first MLM I joined, 15 years ago??

HMMMM.. Or better yet the one after that one, or the next one.. or the next one..

As I look back and reevaluate my Journey to working from home..

the only consistent is that I constantly gave up. If you can relate then read on…smile



I knew I was on the road toward success

When I joined my current opportunity, I told the guy signing me up that

“Failure is NOT an option, ONLY Success“.

This phrase is the first change I made in my ‘working from home’ plan. At this point I turned down a different road,

versus going back and forth on the same road to failure.

When working toward a goal to work from home, one must be prepared.. I mean this is business.

There are ups and downs.

There are times when you have so many leads you can barely handle them, and success is around every corner.

There are times when you wonder why nobody will join.

There are times when your up-line, who should be like a mentor, gets on your last nerve. (Only cuz they want to see you succeed)


The key is to focus on YOUR SUCCESS

Success comes with a price. I believe there is a sacrifice that takes place in order to reach true, lastingsuccess.

It makes me think of that saying, when they tell you not to have envy of the success of others..

because you don’t know what they had to go through to get there.. or what they had to “sacrifice” to get there.

What have I sacrificed, you may ask.. well it is a daily process.

Not as simple as sacrificing one thing…

Lately, I have sacrificed my comfort zone in order enjoy daily success.

I am continuously stepping out side the box.

I keep walking into “uncomfortable” situations.

My faith has risen to an entirely new level.. which can become VERY uncomfortable.

Yet every time I step outside the box.. my success continues to rise.

Because of the above actions I recently accomplished an amazing goal..

Speaking on stage at one of my company events..


How about you?

What are you willing to sacrifice to reach your ultimate success?

The only thing keeping you from success is YOU..

not your opportunity..

not your up-line..

not your finances..


I have a very wise friend name Eric B Leach he has taught me many things..

the main thing is that Success is within me..

The fear of success is just a lie that your mind has made truth..

step out of the comfort zone,

overcome the fear and enjoy your success.

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Hi. nice info on MLM Leads. I encountered your good blog while exploring yahoo. For the preceding few days I’ve been seeking to discover more. Especially anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve seen it all and my neighbor continues forcing her recent lead system craze on me. So I am grateful I encountered you. Take care!

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