You Pray Different In A Cave Then On A Mountain Top!

by Shalonda Gordon in Motivation

Pray Different In A Cave

pray different in a cave

So this week my Pastor spoke about Not touching God’s Anointed.. Pretty much the story of David and his great respect for Saul.. even when this man tried to destroy him. Three things she really said that stood out to me was about how God sent David into a cave when he was running from Saul’s hit men!! Yeah in today’s time we would call them hit men.. smile. The three things that stood out to me that Pastor Veronica Johnson said were, “Sometimes we want to fight when it’s time to run!”, “You pray different in a cave then on a mountain top!”, and “When we go into a cave we are one way.. yet when we come out we are mighty!” Seems like a lot to wrap your mind around huh.. well stay with me for a second.

Where are you praying?? Are you in a cave or on a mountain top? See I had to look at my life.. and I really had to take a good hard look at where I’m praying from.. and I realized that I was fighting when I should be running.. see sometimes your attack is coming from God’s anointed.  I can honestly say that when Pastor said those words I knew immediately that it is time for me to go into the cave and pray.  My prayer position has changed.  It’s really funny how it can change in the blink of an eye.. one minute I’m victorious.. praying for the top of a mountain and fighting at every turn… To all of a sudden I seem to be loosing my step.. I seem to be loosing my battles.. I seem to not be as victorious as I was.. so then I realize… It’s time to run.. straight into a cave.

See I know I Pray Different In A Cave!pray different in a cave

See when I’m praying in a cave it is from a place of vulnerability. A place of need.. a place of reverence.. Close your eyes.. and think about that moment in your life when you were running away from your enemies.. I mean imagine how David must have felt when Saul was chasing him down to kill him.  To take his life.  We deal with life and death every day. Even when we try to ignore it. What am I currently running from? The fear that I will not be able to take care of my daughters.  See.. many people watch us self-employed internet marketers and say to themselves, “Ahhh they have it so easy.. how dare they tell me what I can and can not invest in my business.. how dare they tell me how to get out of my situation… They simply do not understand my position.. I don’t have $50 to invest in myself. I tell you right now now.. on this side of the coin.. I can tell them honestly that you can invest in yourself.  I do know what it’s like having to take care of my family with ONLY my efforts.. yet see the “secret” that I have is that it’s not just MY efforts.. See I run into my cave and I cry out in prayer.

When You Pray Different In A Cave you come out of that Cave Mighty!

pray different in a caveI’m currently in a cave praying because I’m in the mist of a growth in my business that will only come with the Mighty hand of God.  See the success that I have experienced and the success that I am striving for can not be done in my own strength.  And I have enemies at every turn trying to trip me up… why?? I can’t even pretend to try to explain the unexplainable.. Yet what I will say that I was created for a work that I can not complete on my own.  It took me some time to realize that I needed to go into the cave and pray.  It took some time to realize that I would pray different in a cave.  It took some time to let go of control.  All those years of being raised to believe that I control everything around me.. Those years being told that I can do everything in my own strength.  Yes I have power to accomplish what is meant for me to accomplish.. yet I will never make the mistake of thinking that I’m doing it all alone.  I will pray different in a cave so that I can become mighty.  I will pray different in a cave for my children.  I will pray different in a cave for my parents.  I will pray different in a cave for my business partners.  I will pray different in a cave for my entire family.  I will pray different in a cave and when I exit this cave I will be MIGHTY!

Look around… are you fighting when you should be running?? Are you on a mountain when you should be in a cave? Are you ready to be MIGHTY?? I am… that is why I made the decision to Pray Different In A Cave!

Keep Smiling,

P.S. Remember that you are never alone… leave a comment.. what are you running from?? Make a Decision to Pray Different in a cave!

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Phil Ruiz

This was a very nice post Shalonda definitely something worth sharing with the masses. Keep on keeping on 🙂
Phil Ruiz recently posted..Networking sites: Pay attention to who is using social mediaMy Profile

Apple Daniels

WOW … you really spoke to me on that one. Something to ponder as I head to my cave. Great post!
Apple Daniels recently posted..Great Suggestions To Propel Your Social Media Marketing ForwardMy Profile

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